Waterberg Living Museum Exhibits

The Waterberg Living Museum complex is spread over 50ha. The six museums are situated along a trail of 1.2km from the visitor entrance and reception, lounge, coffee bar, restrooms and covered parking.  The trail is a sandy path so comfortable walking shoes are advised.

Museum Exhibits

Past and Present

Exhibits more than 50 specimens that roamed the Waterberg from around three million years ago, to the present day species

Elephant House

The geological history of these magnificent pachyderms, to the only remaining species today. Exhibits include the skulls of two mammoth species and more

Rhino Museum

The ancestral history of these ancient creatures to the remaining five species and their fight for survival.


Hominins and humans of the Waterberg & the cultural history influences from around three million years ago to the present day

Memory Museum

Clive Walker’s photographs, art, artefacts and his Cabinets of Curiosity

Ancient Africa

Explores the deep time species of South Africa and the continent. From the Devonian period some 400 million years ago and ends with Megalodon and more.

There be dinosaurs here!

Living Exhibits

Ground Hornbills

Working with the Mabula Ground hornbill Project the museum hosts a breeding pair of ground hornbills

Roan, giraffe and zebras

You can see roaming roan, giraffe and zebras whose

Contact Details

Opening Hours:  Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

We are a non-profit, South African Museum Association registered as a Natural and Cultural History Museum
NPO 017/734 / SAMA